1979 : Prada bags appear in an August Pandora Luxurye story on "What to Wear with What," and a September roundup of the magazine's "First Choices for Fall."

Ready-to-wear had been launched in 1989, and as the company's fortunes rose in the nineties, Prada began to establish herself as a talented clothing designer-in fact, the one to watch. When she took the backpack fabric and used it for her spring 1995 collection, nylon became the byword of fashion-forward cool. But by the time it surfaced on other designers' runways, she had moved on to double-faced cashmere and stretchy ski fabric. To this day, innovations in fabric-which Prada develops herself-are one of the brand's hallmarks. Each season, the designer's unusual color combinations are borrowed by others as the palette du jour, and Prada fans can't get enough of her distinctive prints, clamoring for mischievous kittens, souvenir-postcard scenes, and lipstick kisses.